Monday, July 7, 2014

Oddzial Osmy New Vistula Legion and GZG New Hammer's Slammers

So this is going to be a review of the above mentioned miniatures. First let's look at the New Fistula Legion. I picked mine up from Pico Armor and I will say that I had great buying experience, John communicates with customers and the shipping was fast. The figures are well sculpted and full of character. They illustrate great the sculptors grasp of anatomy with natural positions. The variety of poses and what appears to be genders is great. I will be buying more to flesh out my Hammerverse mercenary unit Human's Dragoons. The only down side is that the metal they are cast in is kinda brittle and hard but these are trivial.
Next up is GZG's new Hammer's Slammers sculpts. I love the new miniatures they are well done and have a lot better detail compared to the older ones. The problem is these are larger than the old sculpts. I ordered them with them knowledge that they were new and might be a little larger but the proportions are where they miss. If you have the old models mixing them is out of the question. They are still great miniatures and I might replace my current Slammers with the new miniatures.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Clear Horizon Miniatures Kickstarter.

I just pledged to Clear Horizon Miniatures new line of 15mms exoskeleton troopers and Hura aliens. Drop by make a pledge and help Harold out the benefits are A:Clear Horizon stays in business. B: We can stick it to the Brits, just kidding but I always try to buy from American miniatures companies. C: You get well rewarded for you contribution. So follow the link and below!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

I am back!

I have trimmed down my blogs and started a new job so now I have money and time to dedicate to my Hammer-verse 15mm gaming. I will try to get a post a week from here on out.

Slammer's White Mice
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